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​How Darth Vader’s Story is Surprisingly Heartwarming

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If you have only seen the original set of Star Wars movies from decades ago, there are things you may not know about Darth Vader. Subsequent movies have answered such questions as: Is Darth Vader’s cape hiding something? What was Darth Vader like before he became a murderous dictator? The more you know about Vader’s story, the more likely you are to become a full-blown Star Wars fan who anticipates the movie release of every new episode.

Is Darth Vader as Sinister as He Seems?

True Love

The real identity of Darth Vader is…Anakin Skywalker! An apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin fell in love and married Padmé Amidala. Being a visionary person, he began to see his wife die while in childbirth. He turned to the dark side in a desperate attempt to protect her. She refused to join him and had no will to live. She died when giving birth to Luke Skywalker and his twin sister, Princess Leia.

Anakin Almost Dies

After his wife dies, Anakin has a battle with Kenobi in which Anakin’s legs are cut off and he is left for dead. Anakin survived but had to use armor to support him for the remainder of his life. Hence the helmet and breathing apparatus and enormous cape.

Is there Redemption for Darth Vader?

Most people know that Luke Skywalker and Princiess Leia battle Darth Vader, not knowing he is their father. But did you know how Vader dies? In the end, Luke fights with his dad, Darth, and has defeated him. But he refuses to kill him. Then Luke is attacked by the evil Sidious. Vader sacrifices himself to destroy the real bad guy, and his status as a Jedi Knight is restored as he loses his life.

Arguably, That’s Not Even the Best Part of Star Wars

The entire Star Wars saga is probably most loved for friendships, humor, and the beloved Chewbacca than the touching story of Darth Vader. Who doesn’t love Han Solo? The highest grossing Star Wars movie of all time is the 2015 release Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in which the original heroes from the first three movies return.

A lot of excitement surrounds every Star Wars release, including new gadgets and collectors’ items. There are enough diehard Star Wars fans to make Star Wars conventions viable events, especially in anticipation of a new movie. Darth Vader is just one of many loved and hated characters that people dress up as at these conventions. The more you know about the whole series, the more there is to love. Ask anyone the force is still with.

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